Dear Friends of OCRC

The last few weeks of summer have been rather extraordinary, and we would like to share with you just how extraordinary they have been!

Because of you, Orcas Community Resource Center has the means, the staff, and the time to invest in researching programs, writing grants, and seeking out resources to help Orcas Islanders. We have the time and opportunity to develop relationships not only with our clients, but also with other organizations (local, county, and state) to further enhance our services which results in improved quality of life for Orcas Islanders.

This summer has been an incredibly rewarding one in that two of our chronically homeless client friends that have had a longstanding relationship with OCRC, along with some new (to us) chronically homeless client friends, now have a place to call home! A single female senior citizen, a single male senior citizen, a single middle-aged female veteran, and a single father of three children under the age of 13, are no longer living out of their vehicles or out-of-doors!

We would like to thank and recognize the following organizations that have worked alongside OCRC to positively impact the lives of these people:

  • Orcas Island Community Foundation
  • OPAL
  • Ad-West
  • The Opportunity Council
  • San Juan County Veterans Advisory Board
  • Orcas Island Senior Center
  • Crescent Beach Garage
  • Washington Federal
  • Emmanuel Episcopal Parish
  • Social Security Administration
  • Orcas Island Fire & Rescue
  • Orcas Island Community Church
  • Orcas Island Food Bank
  • San Juan County Sheriff’s Department
  • San Juan County Enhanced Case Management Program (funded by our local sales tax)
  • San Juan County Emergency Housing Assistance
  • Orcas Medical Center
  • Orcas Family Medicine
  • Orcas Family Health Center
  • and three Orcas Islanders willing to take a chance on these deserving people by renting them a room or house.